Forgotten Island

Indonesia’s “Forgotten Islands” – also known as the Southeast Moluccas (Maluku Tenggara) – are not a single destination, but rather a 1,000 km long chain of archipelagos stretching from Timor to West Papua on the island of New Guinea. Undeveloped, distant from population centers and far off any beaten path, these “Forgotten Islands” have been largely isolated from the rest of Indonesia and the world.

There are many groups of islands in this area and the Forgotten Islands are relatively undiscovered and still being explored. The exact itinerary around these islands will depend exclusively on the weather and current conditions. Also due to the big distances between island groups some of the days will include three day dives before heading off in the afternoon and travelling overnight. Dive sites in the Forgotten Islands are characteristic by endless reefs and spectacular deep walls covered in soft corals, sea fans and huge sponges. These islands usually experiences amazing visibility and warm water around 27-30C (81-86F).

The reef then slopes steeply to deep walls. As with all of the Forgotten Islands the walls are covered in huge sponges and sea fans. With the amazing visibility keep an eye into the deep for passing pelagic.

Here are the the islands we may visit (weather permitting) during your cruise :

  • Dai Island
  • Teun/Nila/Nil Desperandum
  • Nila/Dusborgh
  • Nila/Dusborgh
  • Pulau Damar/Nusleur/Terbang
  • Gunung Api
  • Pulau Wetar/Reong
  • Pura Island (north)/Kalabahi Bay
  • Yan Village
  • Clown Valley
  1. From your origin country you will fly to Indonesia ( Either Jakarta Or Bali).
  2. Domestic Airport – Either From Jakarta or Denpasar Bali, fly to your trip destination (domestic flight tickets contact us).
  3. Arrival in destination.
  4. The crew of the boat will pick you up at the exit gate and take you to the main port where your boat is on standby and ready (the crew will help you out with all your luggage).
  5. The boat crew will welcome you onboard with fresh nice drinks and prepare you for breakfast/lunch (depending on your flight arrival time).
  6. The Cruise Director will give you a boat orientation and safety boat briefing.
  7. The Boat will depart once all set with the harbor master (Captain/CD will inform you).
  8. You will have all the route information for the trip from your Cruise Director on board.


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Forgotten Island