Blue Corner


One of the most challenging dive site in bali! Clear water, cold, current and the most the divers looking for, the iconic mola-mola.

Terrace like rocky bottom gently slide in to the deep of the drop-off edge. average depth you need to stay in this area is about 25-35 meter / 75-120 feet to see the show. In the really good time you will find best visibility where you can see the white sand sea floor with huge rocks formation sticking up from the bottom at around 50-70 meter / 150-210 feet! A stunning view of blue corner.

Marble rays, tunas, trevallies, sharks, eagle rays, turtles, mola-mola, dolphins, and there are still a lot more possibilities to see in the right time.

To dive here you need to be at least an advance divers or higher qualification. We will give you some suggestion when is the best time to dive in here due to the moon which is affects the visibility, current and the life down there.



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Blue Corner