Gili Biaha

GILI BIAHA – Candi Dasa

This is another stunning dive site in bali for more advance divers. A small island ( Big rocks ) near by the main island. The currents, the great wall, and the superb underwater cave! 

The hole is at about 12m / 25 ft. You will need good condition to be able get inside the cave, due to the waves sometimes make the the big swell infront of the entry point.  

Follow your experience guide all the time or otherwise the unpredictable current that can be goes crazy. The current here from mild up to strong and lead in to the whirlpool current sometimes. Need to be advance or higher diver qualification to dive here.

You can find white tip reef sharks that usually swimming around the over-hang inside the cave, on the wall plenty of different nudibranches, day octopus, lobster, and when you are lucky in the right season then mola-mola / sunfish will delight your dive exploration!



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Gili Biaha