Gili Selang


Located in the eastern tip of Bali. A challenging spot for the advanced divers. Strong current meets the big boys like Hammerhead and the grey reef shark. Diving around Gili Selang is quite a challenge and only for advanced divers or even professional. The strong current between Bali and Lombok hits the small island at the north-east flank and creates some action. This site is also called -The Express-. 

The strong current prevents the sea life to take roots. But out in the blue you have a good chance to see bigger fish as the grey reef shark and sometimes the famous Hammerhead. Some soft and hard corals. Bumphead parrot fish, hammerhead shark, mackerel, white-tip shark, grey reef shark, moray eel, jacks, turtles, barracuda, rays, frogfish.



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Gili Selang