Gili Tepekong


Local people also call this Pulau kambing ( goat island ). They used to put their goats on this island long time ago until all goats disappears. It take around 25 minutes by the local boat to the island the main harbor of padang bay.

The topography here is sloppy reef with deep wall in the other side, Rocks pillar and the amazing swim through. Depth start at around 5 meters/15 feet in a good condition ( cause in swell you need to go straight away to the deep bellow 10 meters/30 feet ).

The lifes down here will amaze you. Schooling of fishes such as Fusiliers and anthias dancing in mild current catching the foods. The vertical wall drop to about 40 meters/150 feet and full covered by hard-soft corals and where in the season you have chance to see the iconic mola-mola! A stunning swim trough start from 18 meters/60 feet in to the depth of 30 meters/100 feet. What an incredible dive site! TEPEKONG



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Gili Tepekong