Jemeluk Drop-Off


This dive site is located at the same cost line as TULAMBEN. It is one of the most popular dive sites in Amed. Overlooked by the majestic Mount Agung, Jemeluk beach is sprinkled with the Jukungs of local fishermen. Its clear waters and absence of currents make it the perfect place for a peaceful dive. It is also a famous snorkeling site, due to the shallowness of its drop-off reef.

Over the last 10 years, local diving associations have been sinking statues in order to brighten up the seabed of this bay. Those statues are the perfect base for corals to grow and thrive, as well as the ecosystem that goes with them. It is also well-known around here for its underwater mailbox. You can actually take with you a waterproof postcard and post it there, it will make its way to its recipient!

The reef top is about 5-12m/15-40ft then drop-off to a maximum depth of about 45m/150ft in some parts. Sponges, sea fans, hydroite soft corals, feather stars, soft coral trees, and a lot more to see along the wall.

Take a look into the blue sometimes where the big fishes such as Tuna, Trevally, marble rays, or even sometimes sharks.




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Jemeluk Drop-Off