Japanese Shipwreck


The Japanese Wreck is situated very near the beach at Banyuning and is very easy to reach. The wreck is a Japanese patrol ship that sunk during WWII. It is a nice place to experience some wreck diving. The wreck itself isn’t as spectacular as the USAT Liberty Shipwreck , the reef that surrounds it and the wildlife that inhabits it simply breathtaking. When diving on the Japanese Wreck.

An easy beach entry and exit, and the wreck is only about 15m/45ft off the shore. Smooth rocky beach make this site is more interesting to explore. The wreck lying down at about 5m/15ft deep and to a maximum depth of 12m/40ft. 

Swimming away from the shipwreck, you will find reef on your left side, and your dive guide will tell you when you have to turn back the dive and end up for the safety stop at the wreck area.

When diving on in this area, your eye will first be caught by the thousands of sergeant damsel fish dancing endlessly around it. If you take a closer look, you’ll be able to observe pygmy seahorses that live in the multiple sea fans that have grown on the wreck. And these sea fans are the most beautiful ones you can see in all of AMED DIVE SITES. Tiny hairy crabs and candy crabs can also be spotted, providing that you have good eyesight Trevallies, sweetlips, leaf scorpionfish, lionfish, blue-spotted lagoon rays and barracudas will also be there to accompany you during this dive on the Japanese wreck.



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Japanese Shipwreck