Lipah Bay

This fishing village is almost on the tip of the eastern part of Bali.
Lipah Karangasem Beach is indeed on the same coastline as Jemeluk and Amed beaches, so the typical beaches are almost the same. Lipah Beach itself is located in a bay, offering spectacular natural views of the blue sea.

Rows of fishing boats can be seen lined up on the beach, indicating that the majority of the population in the Lipah hamlet area work as fishermen, although now many of the younger generations are starting to switch professions to the tourism sector, due to tourism developments in the Amed, Jemeluk and Lipah areas.

Not only that, the seawater on Lipah Karangasem beach is relatively clear, and the coral reefs are well preserved, so you can enjoy lots of coral fish easily, which is why the Lipah beach area is an ideal place for diving and recreational snorkeling.

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Lipah Bay