Manta Point

Nusa penida

The only place in bali in the southern part of nusa penida where you can get the 99% chance of mantastic show! A small bay like, cliff, shallow and cleaning station. Make this site is suit for diving & snorkeling. The mantas often seen at the shallow water for cleaning. Reef mantas, Black reef mantas and sometimes Oceanic gigantic manta ray !

You can find them at the deeper cleaning station too at about 20m/70ft. In fact there are several cleaning station in this spectacular dive spot in the different depth. Some even at around 30m/100ft where in the season you can also spot the iconic of mola-mola/sunfish !

Manta point can be very easy to dive in. But if the swell is present, then it’s going to be challenging to get in and out of the water. Due to the limestone cliff that facing the dive area. Underwater in the shallow area where the main cleaning station is, it can be make you up and down due to the waves hit the cliff.

You can expect also to see turtles, octopus, stingray, eagle ray, reef nurse shark, etc.

It is a boat dive, and it takes about 45 minutes from sanur. You will stay on the boat for the whole day trip. Picnic lunch boxes, snacks, hot and cold drink are provided on the boat.



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Manta Point