Menjangan Island

West Bali National Park

It will be the longest travel on your dive trip in Bali. Around 3-4 hours from the city of Denpasar / Badung. But no worries, there is plenty of hotel/resort around that area ( Not on Menjangan island cause it’s a National Park ). This island is best for scuba diving and snorkeling

You will need to take the local diving boat in the main harbor. 15 minutes by the 2x – 40HP outboard engine. This place is incredibly stunning! By the time you are reaching the menjangan, from the boat you will see the island facing Java (Jawa) with its volcanos sticking up to the sky making a great view of the day.

The Menjangan island is covered by white sand and the drop-off is all around the island. The vertical wall goes down to about 45 m/140 ft. Hard–soft corals, huge sponges, huge sea fans, wipe–wire corals, table corals, staghorn corals, schooling of fusiliers, group of anthias, parrot fishes, reef sharks, moray eels, the eels garden, the underwater cave, the anchor wreck and many more to see.

You will go to the island in between the dives during lunchtime in several nice shelters ( Gazebo ). Very tame deer sometimes will approach you. But no worries, cause there are also Rangers who always stand by on this island for 24 hours to protect the national park.

The average water temperature here is always warm around 28” C/85” F. From zero to mild current. Visibility in summer which is the best is between June to October which can reach up to 30m/100ft.

What a great place to spend your sunny day! 

Dive sites of Menjangan: 

  • Garden Eel
  • Kapal Budak
  • Coral Garden
  • Ganesh Wall
  • Post 2
  • Underwater Cave
  • Mangrove



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Menjangan Island