Northern Drift Point

Nusa penida

There are several different dive spots along the northern coast line of nusa penida. Dive site start from west part. SD (Sekolah Dasar) in local, which means Elementary School.  PED (The temple), SENTAL(The village name). BUYUK(The village name).  SAMPALAN(The village name) and BATU NUNGGUL. There are still some other dive spots further to eastern part of the island.  A part of healthy  reef along the northern coast of nusa penida, Barrel sponges, bommies, boulders, hard – soft corals, staghorn coral etc with its variety of inhabitants, pelagic fishes, Reef sharks, sunfishes and even thresher sharks sometime visitors here. This spot is the ideal place to practice drift diving. You just allow the ocean currents to lead you flying along the reef. Follow your dive guide, they know well the area when they have to stop or keep drifting along the reef.



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Northern Drift Point