The Pyramids

The Pyramids – Amed

The pyramid dive site is one of the most popular dive sites in Amed, Bali. This site is composed of a natural coral reef enhanced by artificial pyramids made of concrete blocks, which sank by Balinese diving associations in 1995. This dive site in Amed can be accessed easily from the beach, but recommended that we use the Jukung ( a traditional wooden fishing boat ) due to the current sometimes drifting the divers along the reef away from the entry point. This explains why it is also a very popular snorkeling site for tourists.

There are plenty of pyramids here you can see along the way while you drift in the current or you have to swim if there’s no current. Each structure is home to all small fishes. I can say this site is like an apartment in the middle of a big city. Full of life. Tunas, Trevallies, schools of fusiliers, Anthias, Scorpion leaf fish, pigmy sea horses, stingrays, Garden eels, Turtles, Sea fans, Sponges, Table corals, Hard-soft corals, and there are a lot more to see.




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The Pyramids