Boga Shipwreck

BOGA SHIPWRECK – Kubu – Tulamben

The “BOGA” was sunk in September 2012 in front of the beach of Kubu (Karangasem Regency, not very far from Tulamben) with the idea of creating another point of aggregation for marine life and a new dive destination to attract tourists in an area of Bali still largely underdeveloped.

The Boga was a former 150-tonne cargo ship, almost 40M/150Ft  in length, and it now lies on a sandy bottom between 13-33 metres / 38-100feet deep, perpendicular to the shore. After being purchased by the owners of Relax Bali Hotel (Kubu), the boat was donated to the Karangasem Regency to establish a new diver’s attraction and increase the cash flow in the area.

The Boga includes some interesting pieces, like the ship’s steering wheel, a VW car in the storage area, and the propeller, still intact at the maximum depth of about 33 metres. Some of these pieces are made of wood, so they will probably disappear quite soon, leaving only the metallic framework.

Due to the depth, this site is also suitable for some dive training. Wreck dive and deep dive specialty course is the most divers want to do here. And it’s recommended to be a certified nitrox to dive here. 



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Boga Shipwreck