Batu Klebit

BATU KLEBIT – Tulamben

The two large underwater boulders off the shore from a point marked by a jagged crest of lava. Ridges covered by corals separated by valleys of white bright sand. It requires deep diving to explore its own characteristic. Large marine life can be mostly seen at the deeper levels.

This site will need to take the local wooden boat and travel for about 5 minutes from the shore. Once we get on-site, in-water gear-up is the best entry technique. Jumped into the water with your fins, the boat captain will pass the BCD when you are in the water at the surface. 

Boat Captain will keep an eye on divers bubbles and pick up where the divers end the dive. How to get back onto the boat is to pass your Camera/accessories first to the captain, weight system, then pass your BCD, and the last one is fins. Then a small wooden ladder will help you get on the boat. Back to the shore. 




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Batu Klebit