Candi Dasa

Scuba diving in Candidasa is simply amazing! The best dive sites are around the three small rocky islands of Gili Tepekong, Gili Biaha and Gili Mimpang. Many people say this is THE best diving in Bali! And the visibility is often excellent. These islands are famous for the Sharks such as whitetip and blacktip reef Sharks.

There are also regular encounters with the giant Mola Mola also called Oceanic Sunfish during the right season (August to October). The coral is so superb and very healthy.

Most of these superb dive sites are reserved for experienced divers only who are accompanied by an experienced guide! These Islands are located in the Lombok Strait and the current can be fierce and tricky with up and down water movement. There is a real risk of being swept away into the open sea if you don’t treat these dive sites with respect and follow the precautions.

In this area, you can also find one of the best muck dives, where you will see a lot of different weird critters that you don’t often see on the reef dive.

To explore this dive area, you will start from Padang bay. The boat will depart from this area and ride you to all those dive sites within 20 minutes.

Program of the day

We will pick you up in the morning and take you to the dive center for the administration / direct to the dive sites, and drop you back to your hotel in the afternoon when the activity has been done.

Dive sites chosen when you make the booking following the price of the sites or decided by you and your dive Guide/Instructor on site due to the environment weather condition or appropriate for diver experience level.

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Candi Dasa