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This activity is also known as an introductory scuba experience.

A trial diving is where people without diver training or certification are able to experience scuba diving under the guidance of a PADI professional scuba diving instructor.

It is Not A Certification Program

One day program, where your instructor will give you some basics knowledge about Scuba Diving, techniques and skills before accessing you into the swimming pool / confined water for the first underwater breath with scuba equipment.

Basic Equipment For This Program
  • Scuba Tank/Bottle
  • BCD ( Buoyancy Control Device )
  • Scuba Regulator Breathing System
  • Scuba Diving Mask
  • Wetsuit / Exposure Suit Protection
  • Weight System
  • Fins / Flippers
Basic Skills You Will Practice
  • Floating at the surface with scuba equipment
  • Underwater breathing with all dive equipment at the very shallow water of swimming pool/confined water
  • Regulator clearing and recovery. Diving mask clearing technique
  • Ear air space equalization technique at the deeper water
  • Fins/flippers swimming techniques

Once you done, feel comfortable and confident with your ability to dive then your instructor will take you directly into the first open water dive in the sea.

  • 12 Years old minimum age
  • Medically fit to dive
Important to Remember
  • Keep normal breathing (Never ever hold your breath)
  • Stay close to your dive professional
  • Don’t touch anything underwater during the dive
  • Slow Ascend From Every DIVE (SAFE DIVE)

Be Ready To Feel The Different Life In The Same World!


This Activity is ADDICTIVE!Β 🙂

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Try Dive

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